SahasrahBot's Web UI and API

SahasrahBot is a Discord bot that provides a variety of features for the A Link to the Past Randomizer, Super Metroid, SMZ3, and other videogame speedrunning communities. Want to invite SahasrahBot bot to your server?

Why does this website exist?

This website exists to provide a minimalistic interface to SahasrahBot's API. It is not meant to be a full-featured website. SahasrahBot also uses this website to provide a basic web interface for operations that are not possible (or difficult to implement) through Discord. Maybe someday I (Synack) will make a full-featured website for SahasrahBot, but for now this will have to do.

This bot also has API endpoints that can be used to integrate SahasrahBot into other bots or websites. If you are interested in using SahasrahBot's API, please contact Synack#1337 on Discord or open an issue on SahasrahBot's Github.

Organizing a speedrunning or randomizer tournament that uses RaceTime.gg and is hosted on SpeedGaming? SahasrahBot can automatically open race rooms, send DMs to runners, and more! Contact Synack#1337 on Discord for more information.